When thinking about professions and future jobs one always thinks of doctors, lawyers, teachers and so on. According to Forbes magazine, there is around 53 million freelance workers in the US which make up around 33% of the overall workforce. The number has increased rapidly during the last two decades and the freelance workforce has been known to be more content about their work as they do their jobs out of love and passion. The freelance positions are quite often nowadays too, from photographers to writers. However, there’s still quite a few jobs that you would never think of and we’ve gathered them on our list of ten of the of the weirdest jobs in the world below.

Wrinkle Chasers

Wrinkle chaser’s job is to iron out the wrinkles on shoes using only hand iron and a hot air dryer. Their main goal is to make shoes look shiny, new, and wrinkle-free. They are something of an upgraded version of professional shoes shiners, except they don’t shine the shoes, they iron them instead. Their estimated yearly earnings go from $19,000 up to $49,000.

Human Mannequins

If you’re desperate for some quick and good money, you may want to dab into the human mannequin area of business. Apparently human mannequins are paid about $100 per hour. The earnings are quite high as the job is quite demanding – it involves standing still for periods of time which is a task not many can do. The job consists of looking like a mannequin for several hours and definitely isn’t for people who get bored easily.

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