Some foods, like chopped liver and frog legs gross people out, but they have at least heard of them. Then there are other foods that no one really hears of, and when they do, it absolutely freaks them out! The real question is whether these foods are actually disgusting or whether people have just been programmed to believe that anything out of the ordinary is gross. This list is a compilation of ten of the most bizarre foods from across the globe that you will be shocked people actually consume.

Raw Octopus

This eastern food, called sannakji, is made from dismembered octopus. This means that the octopus is still alive until right before you eat it, and is usually still moving around on the plate.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

This dish is called Rocky Mountain Oysters, but what it actually is is absolutely gross. They are actually bull-calf testicles, sometimes served deep-fried, and sometimes served raw.

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