Vodka is probably one of the most famous, most popular alcohol drinks in the entire world. It was made popular as a Russian soft drink at one point, and quickly spread across the world, achieving worldwide fame in just a few short decades. Today, young adults are using vodka as the perfect way to make a mixed drink, as it does not have much of a taste when chilled in a freezer. There are many different types of vodka throughout the world, with different brands and flavors all offering something a bit unique and new. Here are ten of the strangest vodka flavors and brands from around the globe.

Firefly Mint Tea

This mint tea-flavored vodka is in a category all its own. It has a unique taste that is said to give a bit of a high feeling.

999 Herbal Flavored

Of course, there have long been benefits of consuming herbs – especially when mixed into tea. But vodka and herbs sounds weird, right? This is brewed of natural herb and is consumed as a tonic.

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