People have some crazy eating habits. We’ve all seen the television series where normal, everyday human beings consume soap, pillow stuffing, or glass, but the items listed here are so much worse than what you may imagine. Just take a second to imagine being a doctor at the local hospital and performing an X-ray on a patient and discovering a live hand grenade sitting inside someone’s stomach, or something even worse. It is odd, to say the least. Here are ten items someone actually discovered in a human stomach.


A Chinese man went into a local hospital complaining of abdominal pain. Doctors, who performed an X-ray to discover the cause, found an entire glass bottle was lodged in his stomach. He required surgery to have it removed.


Margaret Daalman, of the Netherlands, went to the hospital with nothing more than a stomach ache. Surgeons at the Rotterdam hospital were shocked when they discovered 78 pieces of cutlery within the 52-year-old woman’s stomach. She only ate the spoons and forks, though.

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