Taxes are everyone’s favorite thing to hate. They are the reason we get angry and fight. They also caused more conflict during the history of the world than anything else. Wars have been fought over taxes. Some still are. All civilizations tax their citizens, some better and some worse. The worse can actually be so bad that they end up being hilarious for all but the ones actually having to pay those taxes. Here are the ten bizarre tax laws you’d probably hate paying but will love reading about.

NYC Bagles

If you’re running a food place in New York City and serve for example bagels, you’re going to get taxed twice. New York City levies a tax against prepared food meaning they tax sliced bagels as food and then later when they’re prepared as prepared food.

Chinese Head Tax

In 1885 Canada decided to institute the Chinese Head Tax. Its purpose was to tax Chinese people who wanted to enter the country. It was in place for decades before immigration for the Chinese was completely banned.

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