You wouldn’t believe some of the things people decided to try and put on their tax deduction forms. In this day and age, it seems everything and anything can qualify as something that has been used for business purposes at some point. Even ostriches and body oils get tax deducted. Not to mention some people going out of their way to tax deduct dead people, pools and personal trips halfway across the world. Here are ten of the strangest tax deductions ever recorded. Some of them will make you think about just what you could try and tax deduct next!

Body Oil

For professional bodybuilders, body oil is often claimed as a tax deduction because of how much they use it for competitions.

Cat Food

A couple recently said that their cat kept the junk yard they owned rat free, and therefore safe for customers. The IRS said there’s no way cat food can be used as a tax deduction. However, the court overruled the IRS saying they were wrong.

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