When working in retail, not many people enjoy going to their place of employment. Hours aren’t always consistent, it’s very monotonous, and there’s far too many rude customers compared to the ones that greet you with kindness. A place like Wal-Mart falls right into this category. You’ll find many people that can share weird, disgusting, and outrageous stories that happened during their time donning the blue uniforms. Here are some of the weirdest moments found on Reddit.

Going Insane

“MrApophenia” described the monotony of his third shift at Wal-Mart, specifically detailing the hour-long loop of music they heard for their eight-hour shift. Even in their dreams, they imagined working an entire shift. “Then just around quitting time, my alarm clock would go off, and I would wake up and go work an eight-hour shift.”

Cigarette Register

There aren’t many good stories when it comes to working in the checkout aisle where the smokes are held. “CDC_” remembered many issues, including the time he grabbed the wrong pack. “I laid the box on the counter, he picked them up, and threw them at me, hitting me in the chest and said, ‘I SAID GOLD, MORON!'”

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