Technology has certainly enhanced our lives, and most of us are for the better because of various pieces of tech, such as computers, calculators, and smartphones. However, there are some patents that were filed that can be a bit of a stretch. Everything from vibrating tattoos to a high-five machine. It is safe to say that those who designed these machines will probably not earn themselves bucket loads of cash. Instead, these ten strange patents most likely went nowhere. It is cool to consider them, though.

Vibrating Tattoo

Having your phone vibrate in your pocket is one thing. That at least alerts you to something happening. Having your tattoo vibrate when your phone is ringing, however, is completely different. Nokia tried to patent that one.

Kissing Shield

If you are trying to kiss your partner, but don’t actually want a kiss, then you can use the kissing shield. This has almost no practical use, but maybe politicians could kiss more babies if they had a shield to protect them.

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