Many military bases are simply functional facilities that offer a place for soldiers to stay and for armies to carry out their work. Others though, are more like the type of buildings you would expect a super villain from a James Bond film to own, huge complexes that are used for top secret missions or are located in remote areas. What makes these bizarre military bases even stranger is the fact that they will often have unusual shapes or designs that make them stand out instantly, just like the ones on this list.

HAARP Research Station

Known officially as the High Frequency Auroral Research Program, the facility carries out a number of top secret experiments with high frequency radio waves. This, combined with its strange look, has made it a common target for conspiracy theories for those who believe the government is using mind control.


With the increasing risk of enemies using chemical or biological warfare rather than traditional weapons, governments around the world have had to develop ways to investigate them and find ways to combat such attacks. This led to the creation of the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, which holds samples of anthrax, the bubonic plague and smallpox to study. Obviously, due to the nature of such diseases, the entire facility is incredibly secure and completely airtight to ensure that samples can’t escape.

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