Everyone has their own way to relax and spend their leisure time in some way, whether it be making some type of crafts, watching one of the highly popular sports, or perhaps playing a video game. There are so many different ways to accomplish this relaxation time after work, but some people take things to the extreme and spend their time in completely odd and bizarre ways. Here are ten of the strangest hobbies real people actually hold, and maybe one of your favorite hobbies is on here!


For some odd reason, groups of people have begun coming together to perform in small mooing competitions. It is quite a competitive crowd that generally takes place in rural towns. The British love it.

Faking Death

Chuck Lamb, known to many as the Dead Body Guy, has made it his hobby to act like he is dead or has been murdered. He is an aspiring actor, it would appear, as he has made quite an impact on those around him with his little tricks.

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