The economic system is nearing a meltdown that seems inevitable at this point. Ever since money was first printed a long time ago, there seems to be some problem or the other related to it. The monetary system faces its greatest challenge at this point and it is interesting to note how every country in the world is dealing with this problem. If you look at money without the ensuing system that follows it, it is basically just a tender for exchange of goods and services. Unfortunately things can never be that simple, and currencies around the world change and reform to match the flawed system. Sometimes though, currencies can be quite interesting and unique. This list features 10 of the strangest currencies from around the world.

Freshwater Pearl Coun

This is a unique and intricate coin design that can be found in the Republic of Palau. These coins actually have freshwater pearls in them and is supposed to be a lucky symbol that brings you happiness. It is a part of a limited series that was created to raise awareness regarding marine wildlife protection.

Zambia Silver Proof 5000 Kwacha

Believe it or not, this is an actual shape adopted for a coin. It contains one troy ounce of silver and was created to commemorate the 2000 Sydney Olympic games.

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