In modern days there are a number of ways you can avoid unwanted pregnancy and still enjoy intercourse with your partner. However, in ancient times people still wanted to be racy and get it on without having to worry about raising children. And while condoms are common and the simplest of male contraception methods, the truth is that before they were invented people didn’t have a certain contraceptive and creatively enough they came up with a number of bizarre and strange ideas. Here are history’s 10 strangest and most bizarre methods of avoiding pregnancy.


In the good old days mercury was considered to be the cure for almost everything. Thus it’s no wonder that a couple of thousands of years ago in China, women used to take a shot of mercury after sex in order to avoid pregnancy.

Moonlight And Magic Spit

According to old Greenland natives, the moon is the reason women are pregnant. Thus, in order to avoid pregnancy, women would simply stop looking at the lunar orb before going to sleep. For additional effect, they would rub some spit on their belly.

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