In a matter of decades, our successors will religiously be trying to figure out why this generation has been so obsessed with bacon. We, however, won’t be able to explain ourselves as we will be dead from eating way too much bacon. What’s interesting is that bacon along with being eaten with pancakes, eggs and in hamburgers, is also used in plenty of other food and drink combinations that are a bit far-fetched for us. Here are ten of the strangest and somewhat unappetizing food and drink concoctions that tried to incorporate bacon for one reason or another.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

The crazy popularity and hype surrounding bacon has led people to try to put it on every single thing possible. Case in point are the bacon chocolate chip cookies that are a completely real thing you can actually buy in American supermarkets.

Bacon Sundae

Why would anyone ever go and mix bacon and dessert? Popular restaurant Denny’s decided to make drunk college students feel even worse when they stumble into their chain at four in the morning by serving them meat with ice cream.

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