Georgi Markov

Although he originally worked as a novelist, Georgi Markov eventually became a public critic of the Bulgarian regime and a noted journalist. The KGB and Bulgarian secret services had tried to assassinate him several times before their successful attempt in 1978 when they managed to inject him with ricin. He had been hit with a poison dart fired from a specially made umbrella that could fire pellets at targets.

Jorg Jenatsch

Jorg Jenatsch was one of the leading figures in European politics in the 17th century and particularly during the Thirty Years’ War. He was killed in 1639 during the Carnival when a group of men in costume, one of whom was wearing a full body bear costume and holding a large axe, asked to join the festivities. Once they were allowed in by Jenatsch, the leader cut him down with his weapon and fled. The men responsible for the assassination were never discovered.

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