Scientists have long been using animals for experimentation in their quest for new knowledge and technology. There are groups who are advocating for the removal of animals within the science labs, but many companies still perform their tests on a near daily basis on dogs, monkeys, rats, and more. These experiments seemed logical at one point, but downright insane at another. It is hard to distinguish between the two in the pursuit of science and newfound technology. Here are ten of the most bizarre animal experiments to ever take place.

Two-Headed Dogs

In the early 1900s, American scientist Charles Guthrie somehow managed to create a two-headed dog that lasted a grand total of 26 minutes before perishing. The dog was an accident, as he had originally wanted a heart transplant.

Male Turkeys Aroused By Severed Heads

In the 1960s, researchers Martin Schein and Edgar Hale observed male turkeys that mated with models of female turkeys instead of the real thing. They thought male turkeys would enjoy a female without a head, so they removed said appendage for science.

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