They say that age is just a number, and a host of wiz kids are proving this rule to be right. The age to attain success is quickly dropping, and some children are climbing their way up the social order at a very young age. Some of these children are simply born into wealth and fame, while others use their abilities and intellect to attain staggering heights of success. This list includes 10 of the richest children in the world. These children have already made more money than most adults could possibly dream of in their lifetime, proving once and for all, that you can never be too young to become rich.

Jaylen Bledsoe

This boy genius founded his own IT consulting firm called Bledsoe Technologies at the age of 12. By 2013, his venture employed over 150 contractors who provide website and graphics support to businesses. He is now planning to expand his business into real-estate and app development, and it is all possible as he is worth over 3.5 million dollars.

Rico Rodriguez

This child actor made it big thanks to his awesome role in the hit television series ‘Modern family’. He then went on to pen a book titled ‘Reel Life Lessons…So Far’, and has also worked in many films. He now has his own fashion line and he is currently worth over 4 million dollars.

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