It seems like a pretty rare occurrence that any new countries pop up nowadays, because most borders are pretty much delineated at this point. Back in olden times, countries would fall and rise all the time, mainly as a result of intense war. In modern days though, countries have been pretty much designated and there is no longer any real form of “conquest.” That being said, there are still a lot of countries that have only been formed within the last 25 years. These countries have interesting histories, and this list details ten of them!


Montenegro is the second newest state in Europe. After centuries of abusive foreign powers controlling them, Montenegro voted to split off and become their own independent nation in 2006.


Kosovo is still a touchy subject because many countries (including members of the United Nations) don’t recognize Kosovo as an independent nation. Kosovo was a part of Serbia, but after the brutal genocide in 1998 which saw Serbians kill or banish almost a million Albanian inhabitants of Kosovo, Kosovo decided to split off. It became official in 2008.

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