Every once in a while, people have the need to let themselves loose and completely relax. Whether you find your serenity in a secluded holiday with your loved one or you love the lavish Spa centers all around the world, the truth is that a nice massage therapy will always help you achieve complete relaxation and comfort. However, trying to stay on the top of the innovation chain, different massage centers around the world have started offering some bizarre and odd therapies that will make you question whether or not this is a massage therapy or something completely different. With that in mind we’ve decided to gather 10 of the most unusual massage therapies in the world and present them to you. Here they are!

Tickling Massage

Offered at the CosquilleArteSpa in Madrdn, Spain, the tickling massage is as straightforward as it goes. Using delicate tickling technique to relieve the client’s stress, the massage therapists at CosquilleArte gently trace soft feathers and their fingers down people’s backs and adjust their techniques and touches according to how ticklish each person is. This massage therapy is said to be extremely relaxing and stress-relieving!

Cactus Massage

You might think that a castus massage therapy might be extremely painful, but according to the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico it isn’t! Praised to be pain free by using a Hakali cactus, which needles are removed from its paddles, the therapy is said to help hydrate the skin.

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