If you’re into arts and crafts, playing tag or hide-and-seek with a bunch of new friends, or perhaps looking to start canoeing in your spare time, then the following summer camps are definitely not for you whatsoever. These are considered some of the most unconventional camps in the entire world. They teach business, how to kill a zombie, or perhaps how to survive while stranded in space. You won’t find the traditional activities or counselors here. These are the ten most unconventional summer camps. We’re sure you want to visit a couple of these. Heck, we definitely do.

United States Space Camp

The United States Space Camp is, thankfully, open to both adults and children. Anyone who has thought it would be incredible to walk on the moon can take this opportunity to learn from trained scientists and engineers.

Hollywood Stunt Camp

The Hollywood Stunt Camp is one place we could get behind. Children are taught the very basics of being a Hollywood stunt-man or woman, where fighting and theatrics reign supreme. Real professionals conduct each class during the camp.

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  • roger christiansen