Murder is easily one of the most heinous crimes a person can commit against another human being. Unfortunately, there are thousands – if not far more – murders every single year. Even worse, some of these murders go unsolved, as the police and other local authorities are unable to find the killer and bring peace to the person who has left this world. Here are 10 of the most terrifying unsolved murder mysteries throughout time. Police have tried and failed to catch the killer, or killers, behind these violent crimes.

Ruth Cooper, Stephen Harkins, Diana Robertson, Mike Riemer

Ruth Cooper and her young boyfriend Stephen Harkins decided to go camping around Tacoma, Washington, back in 1985. Four days later, the couple were found murdered, Harkins in his sleeping bag, and Cooper was found two months later, decapitated. Four months later, Diana Robertson and her boyfriend Mike Riemer went camping in the same area, and both were found dead.

Ted Loseff

Ted Loseff, an orthopedic surgeon from Los Angeles, California, was experiencing some marital troubles. Ted was then found dead in his car not long after a particularly bad dispute. Police suspected the wife at first, though they had no proof. A “suicide note” was deemed a fake, written months prior to his death.

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