The advancement of the human race has largely depended on the work of researchers and scientists who carried out experiments or studies to help us find answers to many of life’s great questions. In the process they helped to create new technologies, discover new ways to treat people with medicine or surgery and played a huge role in getting mankind to where it is today. That isn’t to say that every single study they carried out was entirely useful though, in fact many scientists have seemingly wasted their time looking into things that really don’t matter.

Dog Fleas Can Jump Really High

It might seem trivial to discover exactly how far and high fleas can jump, but obviously some scientists thought that question had to be answered. A paper from The Journal Veterinary Parasitology found that the fleas from dogs were able to jump greater distances than those who infect other domesticated pets such as cats.

Everyone Pees At The Same Speed

Finding out how long it takes people and other animals to urinate may not sound like it could be of much benefit to the scientific community, but that didn’t stop some American and Taiwanese researchers from finding out. Their findings showed that almost every mammal over 3kg in weight is able to fully empty their bladder in just 21 seconds.

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