When it comes to be a highly effective and influential drug smuggler, being creative and inventive is definitely the way to ensure a shocking payday after a long flight or boat trip. Some of these schemes require a lot of desperation, while others require even more brains and courage than anything else. Of course, the chances of getting caught increase every single year, as scanning technology and police training improve all the time. Sometimes the schemes work, other times they don’t. We recommend never trying any of the following, though. Here are ten highly creative ways to smuggle drugs.

Cocaine Pringles

It is possible to thinly slice entire sheets of cocaine to ensure they look similar to Pringles chips, which can then be stuffed inside of a chip can. In 2006, someone tried this method in Austin, Texas, but they were discovered.

Cocaine Statue

In 2008, in Texas, customs officials captured a woman crossing the border from Laredo while carrying a 6.6 pound statue of Jesus Christ. She was trying to escape to Mexico with the statue, which ended up being made entirely of cocaine.

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