Traveling by train isn’t really thought about much in the United States. When looking at modes of transportation, people will think of flying, driving themselves, or going by bus before they consider trains. This method is actually fairly safe, moreso than it is driving yourself, but it can also feature some horrifying accidents when things go wrong. While the US has been able to avoid major troubles, here are some of the most deadliest disasters in the world involving trains over the past century.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Families of Mexican troops were heading to Guadalajara after successfully capturing it on January 22, 1915. Due to overcapacity, the engineer couldn’t handle the weight going down a hill and it crashed into a ravine. Over 600 people died in the accident.

Balvano, Italy

Another overloaded train broke down inside of a tunnel in Balvano on March 2, 1944, which carried a large amount of coal. The carbon monoxide that formed inside the tunnel killed around 600 crew and passengers that were stuck inside.

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