They say that a journey is sometimes as important as the destination. This is true about life and certain routes in some parts of the world. The vast and varied landscape of the world allows people to enjoy a journey immensely, instead of simply flying from point A to B. A lot of people believe that making the journey memorable comes down to the individual themselves, but having a great route certainly helps. This list includes 10 of the most scenic train routes in the world. If you are ever in these parts of the world, make sure you take a train in order to fully absorb the sights of the region.

Danube Express

The Danube express is a line that runs between Budapest and Istanbul. It is called the ‘Jewels of Persia’, and it offers a view of two vastly contrasting landscapes within a single journey.

Rhine Valley Line

The Rhine Valley line is a famous train that runs between Mainz and Koblenz. If you ever wanted to witness the German countryside to its fullest, this line will grant that wish and a lot more.

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