Fraternities are seemingly as old as the humankind. Well, they started gaining in popularity in the 19th century and members of fraternities often stay friends, or as they say – brothers, for life. There’s been an alarming number of reported cases of deaths and severe accidents that shed a dark light on these college communities. Some of them even cause the police and authorities to take the involved to court, put them to jail and sometimes even ban fraternities completely. We’ve compiled a list of the worst hazing scandals in the history which is guaranteed to shock you.

George Desdunes

Cornell’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was special in a way that the young members would haze older members. Back in 2011, George Desdunes and one of his fellow Cornell sophomores were kidnapped and blindfolded with their wrists and ankles bound with duct tape and zip ties. During the night, Desdunes and his friend were forced to answer questions about the fraternity for each question they got wrong they would get fed a shot of vodka.

At some point they were also fed some other substances, such as chocolate powder, strawberry syrup and hot sauce, and when the fun wore off their kidnappers left them to go play beer pong. Desdunes was found the next morning by the college staff and by the time they got to him he was dead. His blood alcohol content was 0.35 which is considered lethal and his mouth was filled with vomit. The kidnappers were all acquitted of charges but the fraternity had to pay a fine of $12,000.

Jack Ivey

23-year-old Jack Ivey was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma at the University of Texas at Austin. Jack was dared into a drinking contest with another member while he was given rum and the other person was provided with water to drink. His BAC when the police found him was 0.46, much higher than it should ever be. After they got him drunk, his fraternity buddies tied him to the back of a car and drove around until they were bored and he was dead.

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