Whether you like it or not, the world is filled with all types of guns and weapons. These tools, which are largely used for violent means, have become commonplace in many places and generally come in standard forms that are familiar to all of us. However, like any other product, people have created their own designs and variations. These weapons might have been made for a very specific purpose or just as a way to show off but what is clear is that they are silly as they are bizarre. Here are ten of the strangest guns weapons ever designed!

Duck’s Foot Gun

Volley guns became a popular type of gun as they would allow people to fire multiple shots at the same time, especially useful for those hunting birds. However, the Duck’s Foot Gun was a special design that had the barrels face outwards in different directions so that it could effectively aim at several targets at once.

Heckler & Koch GMG

The Heckler & Koch GMG is a grenade machine gun. As you might imagine, it combines the two qualities of a rapid fire machine gun and the explosive nature of a grenade launcher. Able to fire 40mm grenades at a rate of 340 rounds per minute, it is a truly remarkable and deadly weapon.

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