Advertising and marketing are pretty much used by every business in the world. Advertisements are a great way to display one’s product, price, mandate, service – whatever it is that you are selling, it is always a good idea to advertise it and get people’s attention. Unfortunately, companies make mistakes when marketing or advertising that can come across as offensive far too often. This list displays ten different advertisements – past and present – that are extremely offensive!

Love Cosmetics

Despite the fact that they’re displaying what appears to be a 13 or 14 year old girl on the ad, they are also implying that baby’s skin is sexual.

Alcoa Aluminum

“You mean a woman can open it?” This is very typical imagery from the 1940’s, implying that women are weaker than men, so if a woman can open it, then anyone can. An ad like this in today’s world would definitely not be welcomed.

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