There are millions upon millions of species of bugs that are currently roaming the world today, all of them looking for a place to call home and something to eat. The vast majority of these little critters are completely harmless, but some are known for transmitting life-threatening diseases, injecting venom into their victims, or just generally being a problem for people when they are around. Overall, there are some bugs you’d best avoid, and here are ten of them so you know what they are and what they look like.


While not deadly to a person in the most typical of ways, the termite is devastating to its environment. They hold the potential to majorly damage food crops and infrastructure, particularly wooden buildings.


Lice, while being tiny little vermin, are wingless scavengers that feed off the skin of their host body. On average, humans who are hosts to lice have over 15 different species on their head at any given time. Lice do have the ability to transmit disease, unfortunately.

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