We’re all going to die eventually, it is just a matter of how and when. The answer to that first question seems to be pretty simple, though. There are plenty of ways someone could pass on into the next level, but these following ten will probably be the way the majority of our lives end. You can try to prevent the inevitable, or to live life to the fullest, but in the end, something tragic is going to happen to each and every one of us. So, be prepared for any one of these ways to die.

Asteroid Impact

We know, that doesn’t sound like something that could happen, but it is actually a 1-in-500,000 chances that you’re going to die after being struck by an asteroid. Those chances have increased, thankfully, but with the growing number of people, the time is ripe for an asteroid strike.

Dog Attack

If someone is going to die from an animal, then the chances are pretty high that it is going to be your best friend. In fact, the chances are currently 1-in-147,000. 20 deaths occur every single year within the United States alone from dog attacks.

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