When most people think of a terrible drought, they generally consider periods of dry weather that last just long enough to cause some damage to the local crops and force water shortages on the area. However, these dry conditions can occur for numerous reasons, most of which many people don’t even consider at the time. A lot of times these severe droughts are worse than many let on, unfortunately. Droughts are said to be only second to hurricanes in terms of natural disasters within the United States these days. Here are ten of the most horrible, most severe droughts ever to be recorded.

2014 Spanish Drought

The drought Spain experienced in 2014 was the worst the country had experienced in over 150 years. This drought was so bad that experts believed the country’s water supply would dry out entirely.

1988–89 Droughts in Illinois, USA

The 1988–89 droughts in Illinois, USA were thought to be the most disastrous and destructive in all of history for the US. The drought caused over $60 billion worth of damage, led to numerous wildfires, and thousands lost their lives.

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