Tattoos are forever. Being inked is a lifetime choice, a permanent commitment marked on your skin. One should know before taking a leap that when it’s there, it’s there. Thus, bad tattoos also serve as constant reminders to previous mistakes. Even the most advanced and most expensive laser removal treatments can’t perfectly remove ink. Some regretful individuals resort to creative means to cover up their tattoos. Whether these terrible tattoos have misspellings, errors, names of exes, or just extremely bad choices, we have compiled the 10 most hilarious tattoo cover ups. Enjoy.

Ralph Lauren

This guy turned his tattooed dedication for an ex-girlfriend into a dedication to his favorite clothing brand, Ralph Lauren. Well played.

God is a Awesome God

Tattoo needles don’t come with a spell check, unfortunately. This one error isn’t a spelling mistake, but more of a typo — still embarrassing to have missed it out, though!

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