We all need hobbies in life, otherwise things get too boring when we’re not working. Thankfully, most people tend to choose a hobby they can actually afford. Other people, however, have far more money than the normal person, so they can get a bit lavish when it comes to the things they do in their extracurricular time. For these people, the more money they spend on their hobby, the better off it actually is. These ten are some of the most expensive there is, so break out the wallet or checking account, because it’s about to get emptied.

Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting, which was once only done by the wealthy aristocrats and land owners, has now become a bit of a sport that almost anyone who has some spare money can get into. Unfortunately, most of those people are still beyond wealthy. Licensing fees, travel expenses, food processing expenses, ammunition, horses, dogs, and firearms all lend a hand to the costs.


Flying/Aviation is an expensive thing to behold, especially considering the cost of a plane, which, for a good one, can run you around $100,000. Flight school alone is said to cost around $5,000 to enter and complete. Renting a plane is an option, but it is $80 per hour.

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