The Pokemon franchise has grown to become one of the biggest properties in the world over the past two decades, with numerous video games, television shows and movies having released in that time. While it is supposed to be something aimed at children, the series certainly has its darker side, something that may have something to do with its strong Japanese influences and themes. This is demonstrated most effectively in the Pokemon themselves, with some of the creatures being eerily creepy and downright bizarre.


Gourgeist looks to have a rather cheerful face considering that it seems to simply be an animated pumpkin. That smile has sinister origins though, as it is actually singing with happiness when it wraps up victims in its arms. It actively enjoys inflicting suffering on others while belting out a song.


The origins of Banette, according to various Pokemon games, is that they are discarded toys who have come to life. However, they haven’t become animated due to some sort of wonderful magic but rather out of the sheer hatred for their former child masters who abandoned them as they grew older. They now spend their days trying to track down the child that disowned it to get revenge.

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