As we dive into the spring season and head into summer, the threat of tornadoes across the United States becomes bigger. While most twisters simply spawn in the sky and never become a major threat, there’s always those isolated incidents. Luckily, there’s only been one major incident in the last 60 years on this list, but it still serves as a warning to take precautions and weather alerts seriously. Here are the ten worst and most destructive tornadoes to ever touch down in the states.

New Richmond, Michigan

Before the turn of the 20th century in the summer, an F5 tornado ripped through Main Street and killed 117 people with over 200 injured.

Mississippi River

It was recorded back on May 6, 1840, that the twister known as the “Natchez Tornado” killed 317 people and injured 109 others. However, that likely doesn’t take into account the slaves that were harmed, which could make its second-highest death toll even worse.

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