When considering making a tattoo, most people don’t really think about the consequences. Believing it is something awesome and cool, people go into tattoo studios and ink their bodies up, without really considering how these images or texts might look in just a few years time. Becoming an elderly or a grandparent isn’t something people really think about, but the truth is they should definitely do so, especially when choosing a tattoo. We are not sure whether or not these individuals considered this, but the following 10 extremely clever tattoos are definitely ones they would not be regretting at any point of their lives. Thus, without further adieu, here are 10 extremely clever tattoos that are actually worth it!

The Pinky Promise

A pinky promise should always be kept. This little tattoo is so inspiring and clever that it is definitely worth it!

The Big Toe Went to Market

This clever sign turns that rather obscure disability of a missing toe into a true piece of art. Awesome!

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