Some people can’t handle the prestige of having power. Being a police officer means that you’re supposed to be protecting the people that you serve over. Unfortunately, corruption is always a part of any job, and that doesn’t change even in the line of duty. A few love taking advantage of their power, helping out gangs or sexually assaulting people with blackmail, and it’s truly unfortunate and disgusting to see. Here are some of the worst stories in history involving police corruption.

Camden Police Department

Nearly 90 convictions were turned in Camden, New Jersey, when five police officers were charged with planting evidence and threatening innocent people. They would search people’s homes without a warrant and would steal drugs and money without reporting it. Anybody that tried to confront them would be beaten down with brutality.

Charles Becker

Becker was charged with first-degree murder after accidentally shooting a bystander in pursuit. He tried covering it up, saying that the person he shot was his criminal. The fallout began when police found out he was extorting brothels and casinos.

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