Space surrounds everything. There isn’t a place in this universe that isn’t surrounded by space, and this is mainly because atoms are 99% space. However, this isn’t the space we’re talking about in this list. The space we’re talking about here is the space that can be found outside our planet, the big black darkness that surrounds our solar system and even our galaxy. There have been so many strange things found thus far in outer space, that we’ve gathered ten of these and detailed them in the list below. Things like alcoholic clouds floating around, with more alcohol than we could ever dream of.


Milky Way has seen its fair share of alcohol. There’s been a number of giant clouds found along the Milky Way that contain an estimated equivalent of 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.

A Tiny Art Museum

In 1969, a secret mission took off with a sole goal of hosting the first space exhibition. The works of many famous artists including Andy Warhol were sent in Apollo 12. The art pieces are thought to be securely placed on the moon.

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