Nowadays, punishments are not too strange. Most people receive mainly jail time, community service, fines, or restrictions. There really isn’t much else that is forced upon people in terms of punishment… or so one would think. In reality, there are a lot of bizarre punishments that would qualify as incredibly unusual. Remember, punishments are allowed to be unusual, just not cruel and unusual. This list is a compilation of ten different punishments recently issued by judges from around the globe.

Mandatory Vasectomy

This would be a great form of punishment for men who are convicted of sexual assault, but Jessie Herald’s crimes didn’t really have much to do with sexual charges. However, the judge noticed that the man had 7 children with 6 different women, and as a preventative measure, ordered that he get a vasectomy.

Mandatory Hair Cut

Two teenagers, Kaytlen Lopan and her friend, were charged with bullying a three-year-old girl at a McDonald’s by cutting off her hair. The judge decided that Kaytlen would also get a bad haircut, right there in the courtroom.

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