Cultural disorders, for those who may not know or realize what one is, are mental disorders or acquired quirks that seem to affect an entire cultural group at a time. More often than not, these disorders are unknown outside of specific regions of the world, weirdly enough. Some have cropped up in the past, and they seem to disappear on their own, but new ones seem to come around all the time. These phenomenon affect a lot of people around the world, especially westerners. Here are ten of the most bizarre cultural disorders in the world.


Koro is a psychological disorder that stems from the delusion of your penis shrinking and retracting into the body. This is generally accompanied by panic or a fear of dying. Koro comes from Chinese cultural practices.


Wendigo is a psychosis that comes from a human being craving human flesh and thinking they have turned into a cannibal or a werewolf of some sort. The most common occurrences of this comes from aboriginal communities.

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