As of writing, there is still no concrete findings on what really happened to the infamous Malaysian Airlines MH370 that vanished without a trace, all with its flight crew and passengers. It’s amazing how today’s most modern science technology can’t explain such a simple but incredible disappearance.

This isn’t the first case, however. History is filled with eerie disappearances of the same nature, and mankind are left scratching their heads and unable to explain what really happened in such cases. In the States alone, one child goes missing every 40 seconds. Depressingly, many of these individuals are never found. A lot of missing person stories become unsolved mysteries. Here is a list of the most bizarre and unexplained stories on individuals, or even hundreds of people vanishing, into thin air. These stories will give you the chills.

Harold Holt

Australia’s former Prime Minister, Harold Holt, decided to go swimming at Cheviot Beach one day in 1967 and completely disappeared, despite being known as a strong swimmer. His body was never discovered, but it is strongly believed that that he got swept over the strong currents. He had only served as prime minister for a little less than two years when he disappeared.

Ray Gricar

Pennsylvania-based district attorney Ray Gricar vanished in 2005, the last known contact was when he called his wife while driving through Brush Valley. He vanished shortly after that. Eventually his car and laptop were discovered under a bridge. While police initially suspected suicide, his laptop was damaged so badly that they are even unable to extract any information from it. Information is still largely unknown on what really happened to Gricar.

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