The cave systems of the world are the single most unexplored type of topography there is. Nearly 70 percent of the caves on our planet are still unexplored and a bulk of the exploration has only happened in the past two decades. As geologists and other scientists continue to explore this vast and intricate network of underground tunnels, they have come across unexpected and unbelievable findings that have opened our minds to the nature of our planet. A lot of people believe that by the time we are fully done with exploring the caves in the world, we will know more about our planet that we ever dreamed possible. This list includes 10 of the best caves that you need to visit.

Langjokull Glacier, Iceland

This cave is Iceland’s newest attraction and has been open only since June, 2015. It has an area of 950 square kilometers and the cave actually stretches through nearly 300 meters into solid glacier ice. This cave happens to also be the largest man-made ice structure in the world.

Ellison’s Cave, USA

This is actually a pit cave located on Pigeon mountain in Georgia. It is the 12th deepest cave in the US and includes the deepest, unobstructed underground pitch in the country. The cave is over 12 miles long, but what makes it amazing is that is extends more than a 1,000 feet vertically. It is a must visit in order to understand the depth of the world beneath our feet.

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