Caves are generally found to be musty, damp, and incredibly dark. Most people don’t want to spend their time in one – at least longer than they actually have to be. Most caves are teeming with uncountable numbers of wildlife, including bugs, bats, and sometimes even bears. They are made of crystal, marble, rock, and more. However, they are more than simple holes found within the ground of the Earth. Some of them are truly incredible. Here are ten truly inspiring caves around the world. We’d definitely like to visit a couple of things, though we’re unsure of what lurks in the dark.

Eisriesenwelt Cave

The Eisriesenwelt Cave is the largest ice cave within Austria. It has an impressive length of around 30 miles, and the name along translates to “World of the Ice Giants,” which is impressive. The cave was discovered in 1879, and the chambers are all interconnected.

Fingal’s Cave

Fingal’s Cave, found on the Staffa Island along the coast of Scotland, is one of several sea caves. It is 227 feet in length, and made of hexagonal pillars of basalt. It is thought to be prehistoric lava flow combined with the ocean.

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