At an early age, we have been taught by our elders, whether they are parents, grandparents or family friends, to call 9-11 in case of emergency. Thankfully, most of us didn’t probably didn’t encounter such dire situations for the need to call 9-11, but there have been cases of children calling the hotline for various kinds of emergencies. It is extremely important to know that making frivolous calls to 9-11 can get you reprimanded or even fined. Inspiring, touching, endearing or just plain adorable, here are the 10 of the most amazing stories of 9-11 calls made by kids. Enjoy.

Boy Calls 9-11 While His Dad Was Drunk Driving

A little boy at the age of 10 feared for his life when his dad, Owen Gilman, was drunk driving and speeding at an astonishing rate. He called 9-11 during the ride, and said he was considering jumping from the moving vehicle.

Later on the connection got lost. A few minutes later, police troopers were called to a scene of a serious car crash driven by Gilman. The Mercedes Benz C230 crashed into a Jeep Cherokee, sending the Jeep and its driver 50 feet down an embankment. The boy and his sister were immediately brought to the hospital and treated for injuries suffered in the crash, and the father was arrested.

Child Calls In Fear Of Having Ruined Christmas

A little girl in New Jersey called the 9-11 hotline with a clear panic in her voice — 7-year-old Isabelle was terrified after she hit an elf with a ball.

The police are required to visit home when a child calls 9-11. When they arrived Isabelle’s mom was sleeping while the child was trying to dismiss the police from outside the house. It was later revealed that she was so scared she had ruined Christmas because of the accident, causing the elf to lose its magic.

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