We live in a world where cyber-terrorism is a growing concern. Vigilante groups and terrorist cells are using high-end computers to break down digital walls, effectively stealing millions of dollars in money, thwarting government plans and websites, and putting a stop to everyday life for many people. We live in a terrifying time, where not only a bullet or knife can take your life, but so can some teenager on the other side of the world. Here are 10 of the largest cyber attacks of all time. This should give you some chills.


Flame, sometimes known as Skywiper or Flamer, is a piece of malware discovered in 2012 as the virus that attacked multiple Middle Eastern countries. Hackers used it for espionage, and infected over 1,000 computers with it.

July 2009 Cyber Attacks

In July 2009, a series of highly coordinated cyber attacks against major governments, financial websites, and news agencies throughout the United States and South Korea took place. Hijacked computers were used to flood and DDoS attacks were brought down.

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  • the original logic bomb
  • the original logic bomb 1982