Everyone loves moms. There’s a reason there is a whole day devoted to mothers and there’s a reason that whenever you get a microphone on an athlete after they’ve just done something really good, the first thing out of their mouth is “Hi mom!” When it comes to the entertainment industry, and movies especially, there tends to be a whole other reason why we love moms. Since most moms in movies are being played by movie stars, they are often incredibly good looking. Even more often, they are intentionally good looking, because we’re supposed to look at them and think “I wish my friend’s mom looked like that.” Such is the case with the women on this list. Check out 10 of the hottest movie moms of all time.

Jennifer Coolidge – American Pie


Jennifer Coolidge played the elusive “Mrs. Stifler” in American Pie. Her character was clearly modeled after another famous movie mom who was the object of more than a few young men’s fancy.

Anne Bancroft – The Graduate


Anne Bancroft was such a hot movie mom, that being a “Mrs. Robinson” is an actual thing now, when you’re a mom who is lusted after by younger men. Her role in The Graduate might have been the beginning of movies including lusty moms in their cast.

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