For decades, the mere mention of an actress being a “Bond girl” meant one thing – that this particular actress was incredibly hot. Because most of the James Bond movies are plenty campy, it isn’t even a requirement that a Bond girl be a particularly good actress. There have been some that could certainly hold their own with their male counterparts but it has also been much more important that these girls looked good whether they were on Bond’s arm, sharing his bed or just working alongside him. Sometimes these women work as an ally to 007, while other times, these Bond girls can actually be an enemy who look plenty hot as they try and take the British spy down. Check out the all time hottest Bond girls to ever appear onscreen.

Jane Seymour

You probably don’t even remember that Jane Seymour was once a Bond girl but she got her biggest break starring in the first Moore Bond film, Live and Let Die as she played a woman known simply as Solitaire. The character is a fortuneteller for Mr. Big, a noted drug boss who uses her “gift” to help his business

Carole Bouquet

Carole Bouquet takes on the role of Melina Havelock in the Roger Moore Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only. Melina is the daughter of archaeologists who are murdered and she vows revenge. It’s Melina who saves Bond, wielding a crossbow to take out her parent’s killer.

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