The problem with creating any iconic character is that once the character becomes open to the public forum, people are free to interpret them in any way they please. A classic example of this would be the way people treat Santa Claus these days. Santa is one of the most important religious figures of all-time, and he is pretty much the heart and soul of Christmas. Once Christmas comes around though, we see a bunch of jobless people dressing up as Santa to make a few extra bucks, along with a huge group of party folk who love making Santa kinky. Here is a collection of some of the funniest fails when it comes to being Santa.

Santa Flasher

‘Ho Ho Ho! Look what I got you for Christmas this year!’ – said the Creepy Santa as he flashed the general public.

Naughty Bin

If you are naughty all-year round, Santa doesn’t ignore you, he just gets you trash for Christmas.

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