The best part allowing people to post reviews on e-commerce websites is that we get to hear the complete picture about every product. Most people only try and justify their purchase, but the anonymity of the internet allows people to speak openly about any dissatisfaction they experience because of a product. You also have a platform where people can just post random comments about anything they want, simply because they can do it. The internet is filled with all kinds of kooks, and some of them have taken the time to write some hilarious product reviews for amazon. This list contains 10 of the best ones out there:

Joke Urn

This product review actually offers one of the funniest gag tips of all time. A user named ‘Justsomeguy’ says that he puts brown sugar in the urn and pretends to eat ashes whenever someone asks about the urn. Absolute genius!

Lack Of Security

When you buy a security system, you expect it to work at its best, because it is a question of life and death. This stands true even if it’s only a kid’s security check point according to ‘loosenut’.

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