The pop-culture realm is one of the richest and most diverse entities in the world. With the inclusion of movies, television shows, books, comics, cartoons, music and graphic novels, this sphere has managed to become a world of its own. An interesting way to fully utilize this world is by using cross-overs and mashups, allowing fans to experience the best of multiple favorite characters. Artists around the world now use the rich pop-culture world to create some hilarious and interesting mash-ups. This list features 10 of the best cartoon mashups you can find.

Masters Of Mystery

This hilarious mashup sees the world of ‘He-Man’ and ‘Scooby Doo’ come together in the most hilarious way.

Bat Bird

Angry Birds and Batman are two of the most popular icons at this point in time. Seeing them under one identity is hilarious and deeply satisfying.

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