A fine-tuned and well executed marketing campaign can turn a small company into a huge profitable business and what better way to advertise than via the use of billboards? Striving to look official and strict in your ad may be your plan, but the truth is that some of the most eye-catching billboards are also the most hilarious and weird ones. Additionally, if you have enough money you can rent a billboard and make your own sign just to prove your point or for the fun of it. The following 10 billboard signs are not only extremely creative, but they are some of the most discussed and talked about ad campaigns simply because of how bizarre and funny they are.

Four Seasons A/C Repair

Quite punny, this A/C repair shop managed to create a hilarious billboard.


What better way to make a creative billboard sign than using the surroundings to your advantage. Bic did just that and the result is quite funny and memorable.

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